Snow Days in Arkansas – Driving

Not only is it tough dealing with the cold physically, but one of our most basic skills, driving, which, for most Arkansans of my generation, was mastered at a very early age on bumpy, unkempt farm roads, is inadequate at best because, once more, we are just not used to it.

With the exception of my husband, there’s probably not a single soul in my circle of peeps that enjoys driving in winter precipitation.


I, in fact, made a deal with God  one day when, at the young, foolish age of twenty, I decided to venture out in the hilly neighborhoods of Fayetteville IN A SNOWSTORM, and got my 1979 Cutlass stuck in the ditch.  Alone and afraid I prayed, “God if you get me out of this, I promise, I will never drive in this again.”

No more than a minute later, a tow truck drove up, pulled my car out of the ditch, and taxied me home.

To this day, I’ve kept my promise, always choosing to stay home when the snow hits!


There are those who, out of necessity, must face the elements in order to get to a job or an appointment.  It seems that most heed the advice that is a constant on the news during a winter episode, taking it slow, staying several car lengths away from the next automobile, and obeying road closure notices.  However, many, like me, keep the cars parked, opting for boots and a sled as the modes of transportation for the day!


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