Happy National Spouses Day!

I was reading the local paper the other day, and came across a piece of fantastic news!  Today is National Spouses Day, a day set aside to do none other than appreciate that significant other who, out of love and devotion, pledged, through good times and bad, to embark on this life journey with me.


Compelled to join in with the spirit of the day, below is my abbreviated “Spouse Gratitude List.”  

1.  Thank you, Kurt,  for your friendship, for delighting in my quirkiness, for understanding and repeating my numerous nonsensical words, for looking at me when you tell one of our stories in mixed company, and for accepting my inability to stay awake for an entire movie at night.


2.  Thank you for supporting our family, for embracing the simplicity, and yet the burden of being a one income household, and still having time and energy to be a great dad!

3.  Thank you for being open to adventure, and awakening that desire in me as well, no matter if it’s in our backyard or across the country!


4.  Thank you for your sense of humor, and for always sharing with me “the funniest thing you’ve ever seen!”


5.  Last, but certainly not least, thank you for being a man of great character, one that I am proud to call my husband!


Happy Spouses Day!



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