Along Sam’s Throne Trail

The 2.75 mile, trail in the Sam’s Throne Recreation Area is rated as a moderate hike.  For me, it seemed fairly flat and easy until we began ascending and descending the rocky bluffs.  Since that is an activity that everyone, especially my children, enjoy; and since happy, engaged kids are the heart’s desire of this hiking momma, even that part of the trail was a piece of cake!

Much of the trail was shaded, which was appreciated on that muggy, summer day.


We did stop and ponder a bit when we made this discovery.  If only the trees could talk!


A fan of big rocks, I marveled at the towering sandstone bluffs surrounded me!


We took notice of the intricate patterns in the weathered rock.


Sam’s Throne is a great day hiking trip, geared to those who favor trails with rocks, rock climbing, and cave-like exploration.  Located among many hardwoods in the Ozark National Forrest, it would be an excellent place to visit in the fall.  I think I’ll take some time this week, and mark my calendar for a return trip this October!



2 thoughts on “Along Sam’s Throne Trail

  1. I have been here several times and its an amazing spot! Sunsets are beautiful! I have yet to see the rusted car though! I guess I really need to explore further!


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