It’s All In The Details

Since Valentine’s Day is upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to spend some time recalling a wonderful event that Kurt and I had the privilege of capturing:  Jimmy and Amanda’s wedding.

What struck me the most about this blessed event was that, although small and informal, there was a meticulous attention to details which made it, not only unique, but very, very special.


A carved heart with warm wishes graced the antique kitchen island; a loving gesture of support from their children.  Small trees were carried by their daughters, the bridesmaids, in lieu of flowers.  Soon, these evergreens will be given a permanent home in the yard; a gentle reminder that love can indeed grow, and become even more deeply rooted with the passage of time.


Poppies, her favorite flower brightened the room on that frigid, winter day.  There were several mementos of her father, including an old photo….


…and a soft grey sweater.  I’m certain he was smiling down on this jovial gathering!


Jimmy explained that, since neither he nor Amanda like frosting, they requested a “naked cake”, decorated with poppies and sugar coated fruit.  Special antique pieces from Funky Junky, their flea market, adorned the reception table; wonderful pieces that highlighted the personalities of both bride and groom!


The setting for Jimmy and Amanda’s wedding, though far from formal, exuded a heartfelt warmth that only added to this fantastic celebration!



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