Flash Back Friday – Winter Hike at Penhook Hollow

The Illinois Bayou, located north of Hector on Highway 27, is a popular stream for floating and fishing.  It’s also a great place to find waterfalls.  On a chilly day in January, we struck out for Penhook Hollow, located north of Hector on Highway 27.

Kurt had read about a series of waterfalls found there, the main attraction being Penhook Falls.  We found the 2.3 mile hike to be fairly easy, following a four wheeler trail for much of it, until we had  head downhill in order to make it closer to the stream….


……and thus closer to the first waterfall.

Very breathtaking, we crawled over the slippery cold rocks for a better view!


Continuing downstream brought us into the heart of Penhook Hollow, and the next waterfall.

I was feeling pretty confident at this point, but we still hadn’t reached Penhook Falls, which required scaling up a pretty steep hill to reach the bluffline where it finally comes into view…

Going up steep grades doesn’t really bother me, but, I have to admit that going down them is quite nerve-wracking.  However, the desire to get closer to the falls outweighed my fear.  And besides, it was pretty cold outside, and I needed to keep moving in order to stay warm!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was worth it!



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