Supermoon Date

Sometimes the best dates are spontaneous, unplanned, with little expectations other than sharing an experience with good company.  Such a date occurred a few months ago, thanks to the supermoon!

On the days prior to November 14th, which, according to the folks at NASA, was to be noted as a date when the moon approach was at its closest to Earth since 1948, Kurt debated the pros and cons of different venues in which to capture this rare incident.

One place he mentioned several times was Mt. Nebo State Park.

“I’d have to get there early, way before sunset, and stake out a good place for my camera.”

Thinking that I wouldn’t want to accompany him on an hour or more waiting game, he left for work that morning with camera gear ready for his after hours lunar commune.  However, that day, it seemed like much of the buzz on the news and social media was focused on the supermoon.  Inspired by the hype, I packed a picnic, called my dear husband, and asked oh so politely if I could join him.

“I’ve even made a picnic!”

Who can say no to a picnic?

Heading towards the summit, we decided to try our luck at Sunrise Point.

A ledge near Sunrise Point taken a few years ago.

Arriving well before sunset, we were in the company of only one other couple at that point, their camera equipment consisted of a smartphone; therefore, aggressive jockeying for position was unnecessary.  After a thorough survey of the surroundings, Kurt carefully chose and perched close to the cliff’s edge, while  I made myself comfortable behind him on a flat rock and got our provisions.


There was a brisk, chilly wind that perhaps kept some folks home, but as the day darkened, a few families dared to join in the watch.  There was excited chatter all around, and I soaked in those jovial emotions as the show began; a breathtaking illumination of the River Valley!



A wonderful finale to a wonderful day!










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