Flash Back Friday – Yell County Bridges

It’s a clear, crisp winter day, the kind of day where the sky provides an optimal backdrop for a few old bridges.

bridge7Sabrina, needing to complete an art assignment, joins her dad as he travels around Yell County…………


….on a quest to showcase the strength and resiliency of these structures.


One of them, the Danville Bowstring Bridge, has returned home after ninety years of servicing the Mickles Community.


Bubba apparently likes the Wards Crossing Bridge near Plainview.


Sabrina wholeheartedly agrees with Bubba, ambling across as many have done for more than one hundred years.


And what good is a bridge hunt in Yell County if you don’t take time to appreciate and capture the Petit Jean River Railway Bridge?


The harsh winter weather had tamed the weeds that were overtaking the tracks on our first encounter in the fall of the prior year.    bridge6 Helping children with homework is not always the most enjoyable task.  It usually includes a exhausting combination of blood, sweat and tears.  This was definitely not the case on a beautiful day in January when father and daughter returned home with faces full of joy and cameras full of shots.   Suffice it to say that the mission was accomplished!


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