River Valley Bird Watching

Kurt decided to do some bird watching/photography near the Lake Dardanelle Dam Site at Old Post Road Park. A first attempt at this, the resulting images, in my opinion, were fantastic.  Consequently, after a bit of research, I found that the subject matter was fairly exceptional as well!


For example, in spite of its large wingspan, an average of six feet, and length, from a little more than three to five feet, the Great Blue Heron on average weighs only five to six pounds!


Pelican parents stay super busy foraging for themselves and their babies.  In fact, they must provide roughly 150 pounds of food to nourish a chick from its birth to the time it’s ready to forage on its own!


While the herons call Arkansas home…


…the pelicans make their way to the Natural State for the winter, returning to the north to breed in the spring.  This means that those who are interested in viewing these magnificent creatures will definitely need to make time for a visit here in the very near future!




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