Monument Rocks Kansas

The afternoon was fading into dusk, but Kurt still had one more Kansas detour in mind: Monument Rocks.  Located twenty five miles south of Oakley, these chalk rock formations are designated as a National Natural Landmark.  Also known as the Chalk Pyramids, they are located on private property; fortunately, the landowners allow all interested to stop and explore!


It’s a phenomenal site:  isolated on a barren field, with a herd of cows looking on,  in what looks to be the middle of nowhere, stand these amazing white pillars.  What was exceptional about our visit was that a storm was developing.


The oncoming thunder and lightning seemed a bit threatening to me, but Kurt saw it as an opportunity to get a great shot!


Taking the time to explore a bit of Kansas changed my attitude of the Sunflower State from one of apathy to one of curiosity.  Since our return, we have marked several more points of interest there, and look forward to another western road trip!



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