The Aspens

Colorado’s natural resources, it’s gorgeous snow capped mountains, draw many to experience the rush of racing down a powdery slope or two during the winter months; however, another natural resource, the Aspens, extend to any and all a golden invitation in autumn to come witness one of the reasons the state has been dubbed “Colorful Colorado.”


Actually,  Aspens are so much more than just a photo op!   They grow as part of a clonal colony, the product of a single seedling that spreads by an intricate system of root suckers.  Though the life span of each individual tree may last from 40-150 years, the root system can remain intact for hundreds, and possibly thousands of years, sending new trees to replace those that have perished.  Because of this unique nature, they are considered to be indicators of ancient woodlands.


Aspens not only are harvested for paper, wood and matches, but have medicinal purposes as well.  The extract from an Aspen has been known to relieve inflammatory pain, soothe the symptoms of coughs and colds, relieve headaches, heal chronic skin conditions like eczema or acne,  and accelerate the healing of frostbite!


Truth be told, research would surely find that hiking in an Aspen grove, observing both the sights and sounds (they rustle lightly in the wind), for even a fraction of time,  has the capability of stimulating a positive effect on the psyche!

The locals informed us that we arrived at peak color, around the 20th of September.  We felt very fortunate to be privy to this extraordinary event!


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