Crystal, Colorado

We tore ourselves away from the beauty of Crystal Mill to hike an extra quarter-ish of a mile on the trail that continues past the mill…..

crystal4.jpg the ghost town of Crystal.


Settled in the 1860’s and incorporated in 1893, Crystal was a town that developed due to silver, zinc, and lead mining in the area.  The town boasted a population of nearly 500 folks in its prime, and offered residents and visitors a hotel, post office, two newspapers, general stores, and a pool hall!


Unfortunately, the industry that sustained Crystal, mining, began to wane, and then finally moved out.  Residents followed suit, but not entirely.  There are still a few people who live in the rustic cabins that line the dirt road, among them an author and bookstore owner, Roger Neal.  Very congenial, he was generous enough to share a bit of history about the area.


I’m not sure why Crystal is labeled a ghost town, because we found there was nothing “spooky” about it.     This friendly encounter was an added bonus to an already spectacular hike!


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