Flash Back Friday – The Glory Hole

One early spring morning a few years ago, Kurt left the house for, of course, a waterfall.  It wasn’t just any old ordinary, run of the mill waterfall, but the ever popular and incredibly unique Glory Hole.

What makes it so unique is that the sheer force of Dismal Creek has bored a hole into an overhanging bluff, the results of which are phenomenal.


The Glory Hole is one of those waterfalls that hikers can get fairly close to on all sides.


Photographers usually frown upon bright sunlight when it comes to capturing waterfalls. Not so with the Glory Hole.  The illumination of the water through the boulder is breathtaking!


Located in the Ozark National Forest, between Fallsville and Edwards Junction, to get there, travel east out of Fallsville on AR Hwy 16/21 for 5.7 miles.  A large red barn that has a big, white “E” painted on the side of it will be in view at this point.  (And actually, the last time we passed by the barn the “E” was more of a faded “F”.)  Go ½ mile past the barn, and the parking area will be on the right side of the road.

There usually are a number of cars parked there, and this trail can get crowded.  So, of course, if getting one’s zen on is the objective for the day, an objective that could definitely be accomplished here, opt to get there early!


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