The Alley – Our First Event

It was the first week of September, and the Russellville Downtown Art Walk was mere days away.  We had one question on our minds…

How can we contribute to this event, other than opening our doors for the extended hours?  Is there something in our midst that would attract more folks to Art Walk, and, more importantly to our beloved downtown?

Our answer was literally right next door.

Not knowing what to expect, Kurt advertised our first Photos in the Alley Event on our Facebook page,  got his camera ready, took a deep breath, and waited.

To our surprise, the response was fantastic!  Below are a few that took advantage of our $5/5 minutes/ 5×7 offer.  In spite of the short period of time spent with each person, I think the results are fabulous!





One thought on “The Alley – Our First Event

  1. Photos in the Alley have been a super fun addition to the quarterly Downtown Art Walks. Now that you have continued them throughout the year I love to round the corner and see those standing in line to have a photo commemorating special times and simple joys. Thanks to you and Kurt for another reason to Shop, Dine & Unwind in Russellville Downtown!


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