Sand Dune Arch

The trail and the area surrounding the Sand Dune Arch has got to be one of the most enjoyable places to visit in Arches National Park.  At less than one mile round trip, this easy trek takes hikers into a slot canyon….


through which some fantastic rock formations are stoically planted!


A sandy beach-type terrain that is mostly shaded, and therefore cooler, makes the Sand Dune Arch area a great place for kids.  We saw several kids playing in the sand and climbing on and between rocks while we were there.  I decided to join in on the fun!


Mere steps into the canyon, the Sand Dune Arch is tucked away on the right side of the trail, a bridge among the giants!


Located about 16 miles north of the park’s main entrance, the Sand Dune Arch Trail is suited for all ages and fitness levels.  It’s a great place to visit in the afternoon, when the scorching desert sun can make hiking almost unbearable.  This particular trail wasn’t on our radar to visit; we merely stumbled upon it late in the day; a wonderful way to wrap up our visit to Arches National Park!


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