An Afterthought

Lately, when planning trips, our thinking has gone something like this…

“I want to go to ______________!”
“Well, while we are at it, we should drive over to __________________.  It’s only 4 hours away!  And maybe we can circle back and hit ________________ and _____________ as well!”

“Great idea!  Let’s do it!”

This is exactly what happened last September.  Upon planning our Colorado trip, I realized that Moab was a mere 240 miles away.  I had seen pictures of Arches National Park on the internet and had penciled it on my bucket list some time ago.


Enthusiastically, I showed Kurt the map.  With every bit of cheerleader in me, I laid out the suggested itinerary, showed him a few pics, and, with a toothy grin, asked, “Well, what do you think?”

“That’s a great idea!  Let’s do it!”

Honestly, how could he say no to a toothy grin and a new place to explore?


We spent only one day at Arches, hiking close to ten miles in an attempt to take in as much as possible. Barely scratching the surface, we are planning a return trip very soon, with it being the main focus and most likely another destination taking its place as “The Afterthought”…



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