Say Something Nice

My Grandpa Sixto had a saying, and, though he passed away many years ago, this wisdom pervades and has been repeated many times in my household.

It don’t cost nothing to be nice.

A simple rule, sometimes difficult to practice, but what a difference it makes!  I’ve found that, when interacting with others, if I try to put myself in their shoes, whether that be five inch sparkly stilettos, olive green muck boots, or anything in between, I am much more successful at communicating “Niceness.”

I mean, the world can be a frightening place, leaving some feeling a bit wide-eyed and vulnerable.  Kind words like, “Let me help,” or “It’s gonna be okay,” can truly change the course of the day!


Maybe one is yearning for an encouraging word, such as, “You got this!” or “That’s amazing!”


And even if she has a smudge, blemish, or a wrinkle, simply stating, “You are beautiful!” can provide a necessary boost of confidence……


…to stand out in the crowd!


Those walking this life with us and those we encounter each day are all ears for affirmation.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend at least one day filling the world with nice words?


Well, we are in luck!  It just so happens that today is National Say Something Nice Day, a day to speak kind words, to lift spirits, and to share support and love!  Hopefully, by focusing on this behavior for one day, many of us will see that “being nice” is possible every day of the year.  It may take a bit of practice, which, according to Grandpa Sixto, “don’t cost nothing,” but the results could prove to be priceless!


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