Dead Horse Point State Park

There’s a reason why this State Park is listed as the number two attraction on Tripadvisor:  easy hiking to phenomenal views of layers of multicolored sediment formed into mountainous peaks that hug the meandering Colorado River.  It’s very awe-inspiring!


The big question on my mind was, “Why Dead Horse Point?  Why that name?”  According to the State Park Officials, there is actually a point, a peninsula created by sandstone cliffs which is connected to the main area by a narrow strip of land called the “neck”.

Around the turn of the century, cowboys used the peninsula as a means to corral wild horses, herding them across the neck and fencing it off with brush.  With the horses trapped, the men then selected the ones worth taming, and set the rest free.  During one instance, unfortunately,  the cowboys forgot to remove the blockade, resulting in an untimely death of the remaining horses due to lack of food and water.


This legend, as with many legends, lacks that ever yearned for happy ending.  It does demonstrate that cowboys, like the rest of us, do make mistakes!  Hopefully, a few valuable lessons were learned, which were of benefit to this amazing land, it’s spectacular geography and interesting wildlife!



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