Broadwater Hollow Falls

Nestled in the Ozarks, not to far from Compton is Broadwater Hollow, a beautiful area littered with cascades and waterfalls.  We had experienced a great deal of rain several weeks ago, prompting Kurt to make the 90 mile trip and check things out!

The trail, a little more than half a mile round trip that is rated easy, is little more than a worn footpath located on the east side of the creek.  Broadwater Hollow Falls, located at its end, is the largest of the two main waterfalls in the area.


Little time and energy were utilized in the hike, resulting in an abundant reserve used for climbing around and capturing the scene at several different angles!



Broadwater Hollow is located off Highway 43.  From Compton, go .8 of a mile and turn right at the gravel road across from the fire station.  Stay on this rough road for two miles and park in the small lot located on the hill which is close to the creek.


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