Dick’s 5 & 10


It began raining buckets one early Tuesday morning in downtown Branson, Missouri. Caught unprepared – no umbrella, raincoat or even a hat – we made our way to the shelter of the awning of Dick’s 5 & 10.  Peering at the inviting window dressing, we took the bait and entered through the glass door.

Immediately, I felt as if I had stepped back in time to the old dime stores of my youth.  No longer was I a 40-something year old momma, adorned with a nice set of crows feet and a dusting of grey, but that black haired firecracker, short in stature but big on personality!

Rows and rows of merchandise laid before us, anything from embroidery items, to linens and souvenirs, to unique candies, jams, lotions and potions!  As the rain pelted on the building, Kurt and I reminisced through the toy section, inhaled each of the fragrant candles, and marveled at the huge selection of Beatles memorabilia!

An hour had passed, maybe a little more, yet cats and dogs were still tumbling from the sky.  Not wanting to outstay our welcome, we decided this exploration must come to an end.

But I really hate rain pelting on my head.

Fortunately, Dick’s 5 & 10 carries a huge selection of hats, including a funky tie dye option.  Strolling over to the speedy check out, I gave the cashier seven bucks, cut off the tag, and was on my way.

I’ve gotten countless compliments on that silly hat over the years, and even requests as to where I found it.  Responding to those inquiries always takes me back to that Tuesday at Dick’s, where a rainy, gloomy day was transformed into a priceless memory!










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