Happy National Sisters Day

In lieu of National Sisters Day, August 6th, I thought it appropriate to post a few shots from our 2016 series, Sisters on a Bike.  It was fun,  fascinating, and a privilege to see the way they interacted with one another!

It all started with Sloan and Erin.


As different as they are, Sloan is more artsy, Erin the more pragmatic, these sisters share an affection and comradeship that’s indeed noticeable.  Constantly exchanges smiles, adjusting clothes and hair, and doting on one another is an everyday occurrence. It’s heartwarming to witness.

Soon after this shoot, Sloan left for her freshman year of college at the University of Arkansas, where she dreams of channeling her creative energy into a career in interior design.


When asked about her take on the situation, Erin, a high school junior, replied, “It will be lonely.”  However, I’m sure Sloan willingly accommodated a weekend visitor from time to time!

Madelyn and Roslyn


When Madelyn became a resident of the River Valley, she urged her sister to follow.  “Come stay for a few months, you may grow to love it!”  Years later, these Ohio natives have rooted themselves in the River Valley.  

Apprehension is not part of their mindset.  Throwing caution to the wind, these ladies are game for anything!  Madelyn and Roslyn have the ability to warm up any room with their jovial attitudes and contagious laughter.  They’ve made a mark in our little community, and have enriched lives for the better.



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