National Sisters Day Part II

Aspen and Skylar

Strength is the word that comes to mind with these sisters: strength in body, mind, and spirit!  Both athletic, they have definitely made their mark in basketball, softball, cross country and track.  


Though they have similarities, and are rarely seen apart, these fraternal twins share complimentary differences.  Aspen is more daring, Skylar more reflective.  Aspen revels in the company of friends, while, at times, Skylar would rather be in a peaceful, quiet spot creating amazing art works.   Having just turned sixteen last year and gotten their licenses, Skylar is perfectly content to have her sister chauffeur her to the various activities that fill their day; Aspen always welcomes the company!

Mentally and physically tough, a bright future lays ahead for Aspen and Skylar.  They will surely face the world head on, leaving their mark on an area much broader than the River Valley.


Anja and Heidi

These fun loving Morrilton natives know and understand the importance of art and its different expressions.  They’ve grown up around their father’s woodworking shop, where he spends his time designing and building pieces for churches all over the country; pieces that hopefully precipitate inspiration, awe, and reverence.


Though Anja is the more gregarious and Heidi more reserved, they both seem to be comfortable in their own skin, reveling in themselves, their surroundings and others.  Quick witted and intelligent, at their young age, they already have a grasp of and communicate with their parents in German.  They are openly affectionate with one another, in both words and deeds, a source of support that will prove to be beneficial in the years to come.  A heart-warming duo, Anja and Heidi are destined to make a positive mark in all their endeavors.




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