National Sisters Day Part III

Katie and Abbie

Products of a close knit family, these girls prefer summer weekends on the lake with mom and dad.  They are the oldest cousins of their extended family, and spend a lot of time doting on these children who have every reason to admire them since they are straight-A students with big hearts, always willing to lend a hand to those in need.


Having recently graduated, Katie is attending Arkansas Tech University in pursuits of a degree in Pharmacology.   She was interested in several schools, including some out of state, but opted to stay near home to cheer Abbie on in tennis and other school activities.  I’m sure that Katie didn’t see this as a sacrifice at all, for she absolutely adores watching her sister succeed, and knows that, if the shoe were on the other foot, Abbie would certainly reciprocate!



Bonnie and Georgiann

When it comes to touching lives, Bonnie and Georgiann make it look easy.   Growing up in the church, and steeped in the wisdom of the Almighty, they are always ready to listen, and are definitely not afraid to speak the truth.  Hundreds, possibly thousands of women have crossed paths with this pair, and, in doing so, have been changed for the better.


Bonnie works in a salon, showcasing her artistic talent in manicures and pedicures. When making an appointment, her customers can be assured that the treatment will be good for the hands, heart and spirit.

Georgiann is both a devoted pastor’s wife and pastor’s mother.  She is a willing participant, always on call to work at the church office, watch an active grandchild, make a favorite holiday meal, or pray over a troubled soul.


Together, they light up a room, spreading affection with their coveted hugs and lively affirmations.  One can’t help but smile when encountering these two, which is a definite indication of their success.   Though they would both be the first to admit that they are far from perfect, and their bank accounts may not be rolling in the millions, Bonnie and Georgiann have certainly uncovered the treasures of a blessed life.



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