The Glory Hole

Spring 2017 gifted the River Valley with an abundance of rain, perfect for those interested in waterfall hunting. After a bit of recollecting, we realized that five years had passed since our trek down the Glory Hole Trail.

That’s far too long.

So late one Sunday afternoon in April, Kurt and I bade the kids farewell and headed north.

The day was quickly coming to a close, and the sixty mile trip could take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.  Luckily, very few cars impeded the pace, and we reached the trail head in record time.  Scurrying down into the hollow, the waterfall greeted us with a deafening roar!


A fantastic sight to see, I perched on a nearby rock while Kurt captured the magic!


The sunlight began to fade, not necessarily a good thing for those who have no flashlight. So, begrudgingly, we tore ourselves away from this little slice of Heaven, pausing only momentarily to get just one final shot of a smaller cascade found nearby.



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