Hoodoos Trail – Big Bend Ranch State Park

Having been in the car for the majority of the morning, a hike was a perfect remedy for stiff muscles and lethargic dispositions.  It just so happens that, about twenty miles east on 170 from Fort Leaton, the Hoodoos Trail is situated within view of the roadside, inviting all to begin exploring the Big Bend region.

According to the Texas State Park Brochure:

Long before the modern “River Road” (FM 170) was completed in 1961, this was part of an old road that was used by the Border Riders who were looking for stray Mexican livestock during a major outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease between 1946 and 1952. The portion of the trail that takes you to the overlook and up to the trailhead is a remnant of that road.


Although short, a mere 1.1 miles, the Hoodoos Trail has a lot to offer, including interesting rock structures….


… spectacular views…


…and lush, grassy areas.  The Rio Grande is highly visible, and the trail actually leads practically to the shoreline.


I would rate this trail very easy; a terrific introduction to hiking in West Texas!


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