Closed Canyon Trail at Big Bend Ranch State Park

A very short, yet interesting trail lies about four miles west of the Hoodoos Trail:  the Closed Canyon Trail.


It’s namesake is well earned as hikers will discover since the vast majority of the 1.4 mile round-trip trek takes them through a very narrow canyon!


It was unseasonably hot that day in March, and yet, we found a bit of relief within the confines of these towering bluffs since little sunlight reaches the canyon floor.


The trail eventually leads to the Rio Grande.  As it meanders south, it becomes more narrow, and the flat walking surface is replace by smooth rocks that are navigable for a distance; however, access to the Rio Grande is not possible without vertical climbing gear.


This trail is rated easy, and I would agree.  It’s one of those treks where visitors can enjoy the magnitude of the canyon, proceeding as far as comfort and fitness levels permit!


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