Kentucky’s Stonehenge

We spent a weekend in Kentucky last summer; our ultimate goal was the observation of the total solar eclipse which was to occur on Monday, August 21.  That aside, we asked ourselves the million dollar question.

What is the “Must See” when road-tripping through the Bluegrass State?

For us, Kentucky Stonehenge made the top of the list!

Located about fifty miles northeast of Bowling Green in the small town of Mumfordville, Kentucky Stonehenge is the handiwork of the former mayor, Chester Fryer.


The display is not in a public park, but in Mr. Fryer’s yard on Lynn Avenue, which is about a mile from the intersection of Interstate 65 and US Highway 31W.  At first, we were a little hesitant to go wandering around on private property, but, after a few observatory moments, decided that his yard, as well as the neighborhood, seemed safe, quiet and friendly.


While walking around, the magnitude of this undertaking, the time, energy and resources it took to recreate this ancient British historical icon became evident.


The area was very well kept and inviting, Chester’s gift to fellow travelers!


Well worth the short detour, there is only one rule at Kentucky Stonehenge:  don’t climb on the rocks!  However, leaning against one of the big bad boys to rest the legs for a minute is permitted!



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