Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace

We had stopped in Hodgenville, Kentucky for lunch and noticed a sign informing sightseers that the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln was a mere three miles south on US 31E.  With nothing but curiosity and time on our hands, we decided to make the short detour.

There, nestled nearby a spring thought to be the birthplace of Lincoln, stands the first Lincoln Memorial.  Completed in 1911, this granite and marble building houses the symbolic birth cabin of Abraham Lincoln.  Visitors climb fifty six steps, representing the fifty six years of Lincoln’s life, to reach the memorial.


The sixteen windows that are part of the building….


…as well as the sixteen rosettes that are on the interior ceiling represent the fact that Lincoln was our nation’s 16th president.  The interior is climate controlled in order to maintain the integrity of the symbolic birthplace cabin, which is more than 100 years old.

This historical find in central Kentucky was one of the unexpected pleasures of our visit, inviting us to imagine what life would have been like for young Abe Lincoln and his family!



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