Knob Creek

Ten miles north of Sinking Springs, home of Lincoln’s birthplace, is Knob Creek, home of Lincoln’s early childhood.  According to the National Park Service, the first memories that President Lincoln recollected was of life on this 30 acre farm and one room cabin.

The cabin on site, reconstructed in 1931, is thought to contain a few logs from the home of Lincoln’s childhood friend, Austin Gollaher.  According to personal recollections, Gollaher saved Lincoln’s life one day by pulling him out of the swiftly flowing Knob Creek!


The field, lush and green on the day we visited, was a great place for roaming and possibly pondering a time when the Lincoln family would have tilled this soil in the spring, in hopes of an abundant harvest in the fall!


Martha, the volunteer park interpreter was a great source of information.  There, in the heat of an August afternoon day, she unfolded before me the story of how the tiny community of Hodgenville worked together to not only keep alive, but to honor the memory of our nation’s 16th President.  It’s impressive to see the fruits of a unified collaboration!


Open from 9:00 to 5:00 seven days a week, to get to Knob Creek Farm from Hodgenville, take US 31N, and drive seven miles.  The destination will be on the left.


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