Hopkinsville, aka Eclipseville, Kentucky

It seemed like the world descended upon Hopkinsville, Kentucky on the morning of August 21, the day of the 2017 Solar Eclipse!  Folks from all over, and from every walk of life jockeyed for position in order to witness this extraordinary event!


Although much of our day was spent looking into the heavens, observing the progression of the moon’s gradual blockage of the sun, we did take time early that morning to walk around historic downtown Hopkinsville.

The ninth largest city in Kentucky, Hopkinsville was once the home of the Hopkinsville, Hoppers, a minor league team in operation for the first half of the 20th century.  Fortunate for baseball lovers, in 2012, the Hoppers returned to the field as a part of the Ohio Valley League, a summer collegiate wood baseball league!


Beautiful, historic buildings, including the Christian County Clerk’s Office,  lined not only Main Street, but other portions of the downtown area, obviously a product of Downtown Renaissance Program, which has invested millions in providing what they believe will be “an attractive, accessible, sustainable, walkable, business-friendly hub that honors our past and welcomes our future”


The Sixth Street District touted numerous shops and cafes, most of which were closed on Eclipse Day.  I’m sure the business owners wanted to witness this event out of doors instead of behind the counter!  (I don’t blame them!)


We strolled by the Blackhawk Bakery, home of “America’s Favorite Dinner Roll.”  There was a mighty nice aroma wafting from this building; however, we were unable to verify their lofty claim.  Rolls can be ordered online; I may have to arrange a delivery to Arkansas!


With small town charm and attention to historic preservation, Hopkinsville, Kentucky was a wonderful setting not only for Eclipse Day 2017, but is also a wonderful setting for any day the “road-tripping mood” might hit!


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