Oark Cafe

We came upon a milestone in mid January; one that coveted our observance:  the 30th anniversary of our first date.  It seemed as if only yesterday we spent a couple hours getting to know each other across the dark walnut table at the local Red Lobster.

Yeah, that probably doesn’t seem quite as romantic as it did at the time.

But, nonetheless, a spark was kindled; a spark that has prompted a multitude of incredible moments that would be categorized as “happily ever after!”

Life experiences inevitably have altered our tastes over the years.  We prefer to spend our dollars at establishments that are locally owned, unique, and representative of the character of the area.

Places like the Oark Cafe.


A few years ago, after visiting the Catalpa Swinging Bridge , we stopped by this eating establishment, discovering, to our dismay, that it was closed for the weekend.  Immediately, it found its way on our Arkansas Bucket List.

So what better way to celebrate than a 48-ish mile pilgrimage to perhaps a new culinary horizon….
..or maybe just one that isn’t ashamed to embrace the tried and true?


There was a chill in the air as we entered the building, so, after looking around at some of the homemade jams, jellies and other canned goods in the general store section,  I made my way to the table by the wood stove.

“You’ve got one of the prime spots there, folks is always fightin’ over these tables!”  An elderly gentleman clad in overalls exclaimed.   I exchanged smiles with him, feeling quite privileged as I perused the menu.


In no time, a healthy chicken salad and juicy cheeseburger were placed before us on that green checkered cloth table.  Similar to Date Number One, we ate like kings, spending time absorbed in good  conversation; however, the topic had changed:  highlights of the last thirty years.

It was hard to pull ourselves away, but our plates were empty (two thumbs up on the food!) and the place was beginning to fill up, and we felt it only polite to let another couple or family have the “prime spot”.  So we paid our ticket and thanked the cashier for a terrific meal.


The directions to the Oark Cafe are found here.  It’s a gorgeous drive any time of year, and well worth the detour; a perfect way to celebrate and congratulate ourselves for thirty awesome years!


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