The Equestrian Zone

Hippotherapy, is not a word that frequents conversations at the dinner table, the coffee shop, or the fancy cocktail party; however, for many in the River Valley, it is a term that can be equated to an enhanced quality of life, both physically and mentally.  According to the Equestrian Zone Website …

Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement. Hippotherapy is utilized as part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional outcomes.


The Equestrian Zone is a non-profit organization that provides hippotherapy free of charge to both children and adults with physical, cognitive, and mental disabilities.  Kurt was invited to photograph several of the sessions last month.  What we discovered was a truly cooperative effort between volunteers, therapists, and, of course, horses; the primary goal to aid each rider in becoming more independent, interactive, and self-assured.


The atmosphere was incredibly positive!  Smiles were abundant, which, in my opinion, would create an environment conducive to growth and progress!


While there and in the following days, we began to hear stories of triumph, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles even after a few sessions!


Although my interactions with horses have been few, I have always marveled at them from afar.  After witnessing the “magic” that occurs at the Equestrian Zone, I am even more in awe of these incredible and regal creatures!





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