Crystal Bridges

This Arkansas gem, planted in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, has been on my to do list since its inception in 2011.  Founded by Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton, the mission of Crystal Bridges is to create a world class museum for the benefit of the public.

In my opinion, they have nailed it!


The building, designed by Moshie Safdie, seemed spacious and airy.  It flowed well, and, although the parking lot was fairly full, it seemed to accommodate the crowd.  I  never felt rushed to move along as I have in other museums.

Maya’s Quilt of Life by Faith Ringgold

Drawing the observer near, it seemed as if each piece commanded attention.  We often complied.  Crystal Bridges is one of those places that could captivate for hours!

Suvenior of Our Trip by Vanessa L. German

Located at 600 Museum Way in Bentonville, Arkansas, Crystal Bridges is well worth the two hour drive!  What’s more, due to a generous grant from the Walton Family Foundation, admission is free!  What a blessing for our state!

Azure Icicle Chandelier by Dale Chihuly

For more information on Crystal Bridges, click here.


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