Finding Circles

There are over 3,800 works of art housed in and around Crystal Bridges.  During our tour, it seemed as if Kurt was drawn towards circles.

EnteOn the wall is Trinity by Adolph Gottlieb
Standing is March Sentinel by David Smith

The circle is a universal symbol which represents totality, wholeness and even perfection.

Round by Kenneth Noland

It represents eternity, with no beginning or no end.

Untitled Closed Center Twelve Petaled Form Based on Nature by Ruth Asawa

What’s more, man can be included in the grand scheme of the circle.  When one views a symbol with a circle around it, it is as if the viewer is asked to be drawn in and included in the experience of whatever symbolic message the center may hold.

Big Red Lens by Fred Eversly

It’s fascinating to think about the significance of something so commonplace in everyday life.   I am truly grateful for those individuals who dedicate both time and talent to creating opportunities for us to look, and perhaps even to go as far as to study and contemplate the beauty and wonder of the common, and often thought, mundane.



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