Crystal Bridges Trails

There are several trails that wind in and around Crystal Bridges Museum, an effort to showcase not only some amazing sculptures and works of art, such as the one below, but also the beauty of the Ozarks.

Three People on Four Benches by George Segal (We only captured two of the people.)

Two extremely noteworthy pieces were created by Buckminster Fuller and Frank Lloyd Wright, respectively.  I had learned about Fuller and Wright in college many years ago, and being able to actually see…..


…and tour these works of art was extremely thrilling for me!  The “oculi” of Fly’s Eye Dome seemed to call out, provoking my inner child to engage in a brief climbing exhibition similar to my seven year old antics on the playground monkey bars.  However, since such revelry would have horrified my seemingly mature children, I restrained!


A few steps away was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bachman-Wilson House.  Reservations were required to view the inside of the house, which is a simple and yet timeless exercise in efficient utilization of space while embracing the beauty of outdoors.

Cameras were prohibited inside; a picture probably wouldn’t do it justice anyway.  It’s just one of those things that needs to be experienced firsthand!



Our outdoor trek was cut a bit short due to the drizzling rain and dropping temperatures.  However, like many trails in Arkansas, the trails at Crystal Bridges would be great to explore anytime of year, but especially in the spring and the fall.  I hope to return to these trails again soon!


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