Throw Back Thursday – Arkansas Sphinx

Arkansas is home to many natural wonders, a never ending bucket list of amazing places to discover within an hour or two of our front door!  One particular destination that came to Kurt’s attention recently was the Arkansas Sphinx.

Located off Highway 123 north of Lamar on Johnson County Road #4840, the Arkansas Sphinx is the Ozark rendition of the Egypt’s Great Sphinx, courtesy of Mother Nature!


The trail, less than 1/4 of a mile, leads hikers straight up a hill.  This is a strenuous hike; however, since it is so short, most could tough it out, with the assurance that,  in mere minutes,  this is the view to be enjoyed!


A hole is located at the rear of the rock formation.  Being fairly close to the ground, it was very easy to reach, although the photo looks otherwise!


The great thing about short hikes, such as this, is that there is extra time available to enjoy another Arkansas wonder!  It just so happens that Haw Creek Falls is just a few miles north of the Arkansas Sphinx!


I have to admit that there have been times that I take my state’s beauty for granted.   However, making a new discovery and looking out on the River Valley from a different vantage point gave me a new appreciation for Arkansas!


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