Sabi’s Senior Prom

What a difference a year makes!  Last year, Sabrina asked me to help her attend to every detail –  hair, makeup, dress, shoes – a day long beautifying process that was both exhausting and exhilarating, the outcome quite lovely!


This year, with confidence she said, “My friends are going to help me, just come and take pictures.”

She kept us waiting for awhile; Kurt seized the opportunity to snap a few shots of downtown Hot Springs.


Just when we thought she may have drowned in a sea of taffeta and mascara, a confident group of young adults, looking as if they had just come from a cover shoot of Vogue, made their way across Fountain Street.


She, as well as her friends, were absolutely stunning!  But more than that, there was a strength about them that was lacking last year.  Attending a residential high school, they had learned to lean on and give to each other, contributing time, talent, stories, rides, and even a comforting shoulder every now and then; the end result being not only the likelihood of lifelong relationships…


..but also more self assured individuals…


…with a little more attitude!


She shooed us away fairly quickly, which was understandable.  This night was their celebration, not ours.


However, I did allow myself to bask in that warm feeling of gratitude on the way back to the car!



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