National Simplicity Day

I have to admit that, as a student, I did not enjoy, much less appreciate, what poets had to say.  Going through the motions was my modus operandi, struggling to keep my eyes open as my teacher would recite the words of Frost, Longfellow and Thoreau with as much sophistication as her deep southern accent would allow.

It was obvious to me that the educational system deemed these, and other classic writers important, but I just didn’t get it.  I was much to busy to be thinking about roads less traveled, starry skies, and the like.  There were outfits to be purchased, music videos to watch, and boys to meet, and, when the instruction on poetry was completed, I closed those books with gratitude, leaving them to grow dusty and forgotten on my parents’ bookshelf.


The problem with growing up and living in a modern society is that life can get busy and complicated fairly quickly.  There’s not enough time in the day to run errands, taxi children, climb the ladder, and look fabulous on Facebook doing it!  That’s why National Simplicity Day was founded.

Falling on July 12th, the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, National Simplicity Day embraces the poet’s ideas of minimalism, focusing on the wonders of nature, its beauty and harmony.  Celebrating this holiday can be as “simple” as perhaps retrieving an old, dusty poetry book and taking another gander at a bit of prose, or stepping outside for a moment or two to relish in the beauty of nature.

I may go crazy and do a bit of both!

How could the patient pine have known 
The morning breeze would come, 
Or humble flowers anticipate 
The insect’s noonday hum–
                                   – Henry David Thoreau 



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