Turret Arch – Arches National Park Windows Section

Arriving at our condo with a bit daylight to burn, we headed to Arches National Park.  With plenty of short hike options at our disposal, we decided on an area that would hopefully “Wow” our kids, an area loaded with attractions no matter which direction one may choose to wander.

For us, the obvious selection was The Window.  Considered by many as one of the most scenic locations in the park, The Window boasts numerous arches and breathtaking views in its mere two square mile stretch!  Mere steps from the parking lot, in just about any direction, visitors can explore these geological wonders, spending anywhere from less than an hour to perhaps the better part of a morning or an afternoon!  Hiking in this area is suitable for everyone, with the less advanced choosing to refrain from climbing quite so high, enjoying the landscape from a vantage point different than those a bit more agile.

Caught up in awe, the kids immediately headed towards the Turret Arch.  After a bit of wondering, they moved on to other area attractions, which I will touch on in the coming days!


To get to the Window Area, go 9.2 miles north on Park Road, then go east for 2.7 miles on Windows Road.


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