Throwback Thursday – Celebrate!

There Are Times
When Nature Beckons
An Irresistible Force
Commanding One
To Stop
For Just A Moment


Give Up The Agenda
And Choose
To Wander Aimlessly
Celebrating Life
With The Trees



3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Celebrate!

    1. Exactly! These Aspens were in Colorado, and, while, there are not many of those in Arkansas, we do have gorgeous maples, oaks, redbuds, dogwoods, sweet gums, and more, that should be embarking on their fall transformation in the coming weeks! Although I adore the flowers and the multitudes of green that kiss the Ozarks in March, April and May, I eagerly await the fiery colors of fall!

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      1. Then I am looking forward to the coming weeks… to see the colors that you so deeply adore… 🙂


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