Upheaval Dome

Following the advice of a a good friend, we opted for a short hike with a big impact:  Upheaval Dome.  Experts believe that it is highly possible that this area resulted from the collision of a meteorite.

The one mile round trip, rated moderate, is well marked and a bit uphill, but not impossible to complete, even for a novice!  Besides, the multi layered, multi colored panorama is worth every bit of exertion!

Although a very popular trail, the overlook at Upheaval Dome is quite lengthy, allowing for a great many to enjoy a spectacular view altogether.  Following the advice of friends is an excellent way to get the most out of those precious few moments we invest in travel; visiting Upheaval Dome was definitely no exception!


To get there, go south of the Visitor’s Center for 6.5 miles, then turn right onto Upheaval Dome Road. Drive 5 miles to the end of the road/parking area.


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