Happy National Cat Day!

For several years, I have had the pleasure of caring for my friend’s feline fur babies.  When she first asked me, I will now admit that I was a bit nervous.  It had been years since I had been graced with the privilege of caring for an oftentimes aloof Siamese, Nolan, a rescue that was one of the perks of marrying Kurt.  Even though Nolan hid behind a cabinet pouting the month following our nuptials, he did eventually warm up to me, and, on occasion, would actually purr in response to my vain attempts at affection.

Nolan the Cat

However the task my friend had set before me was a bit more challenging since she had not one but seven cats.

Yes, I said seven (7) cats!

I’m horrible with names; how would I keep them all straight?  What, I have to give an insulin shot?  That cat isn’t twenty years old!

Yes, Mrs. Marty had a menagerie of felines, all very unique in both personalities and needs.

I was hooked after day one!

I became an expert on giving injections and hiding pills in Cheez Whiz.  I learned how to play chase the laser, and mastered the ability to satisfy even the most finicky of palettes with gravy filled canned morsels fit for a king!

Sabrina would often help me; we would always return home with an anecdote or two.  Intrigued by our stories, Kurt decided to pay them a visit, and was able to capture a few of them.

Beau, always the first to greet us, was the hot and cold cat, his purrs would turn to hisses at the drop of a hat.  Donning looks of sheer terror, we learned to nurture his inner tiger on more than one occasion.


Always loving and extremely playful, Ember soon became my favorite.  An accomplished escape artist, I always left the house with care, making sure that I saw these beautiful brown eyes on the right side of the door!


A bit skittish, Feisty enjoyed a warm human welcome, but preferred play over cuddles.  He could bolt in and out of the room at lightning speed!


When I would tell people of this unique undertaking, my sanity was often called into question.  On the contrary, caring for the cats was actually both very calming and rewarding.  Like humans, they are pretty simple creatures.  To one clean litter box, add equal helpings of fresh food and water, top with a game of chase and a scratch or two behind the ear, and you’ve got a friend for life!


5 thoughts on “Happy National Cat Day!

    1. Thank you. I think Mrs. Marty named her cats primarily based on personality. Our cat, Nolan, was named after Nolan Ryan, one of my husband’s favorite baseball players. It’s funny to recall how all of our pets – and actually our kids – were named; good stories that may need to be written!

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      1. maybe the next post…
        we have so many stories associated to our own names too… I have started feeling a closer relationship with my name… I share it with the pacific ocean. It’s called Prashant Ocean(Maha-sager) in Hindi. I don’t know why my parents chose it for me. I’ll take this as an opportunity to find out. 🙂


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