Throwback Thursday – The Roar of Abundance

Taking a Needed Break

Sometimes my inner Robert Frost speaks to me, sparking my creative side, and a poem results.

Such a situation occurred last year while hiking to Lizard Log Falls and Schoolhouse Falls, which are north of Hector, Arkansas.

Kurt and I were hiking alone in this remote, woodsy area.  It was the middle of May, the temperature was mild, the numerous species of trees were showing off their various shades of green, and momma turkey and her babies were enjoying a Saturday morning stroll.  Startled by our presence, she started squawking, and the chicks scattered.

The area where we saw the turkeys

I really wanted to get a shot of them, but Kurt shooed me away.  He was afraid the mother would not retrieve her flock.  We would forever be burdened with the knowledge that there were little orphan turkeys in the Ozarks.

So I let them be.

We reached Lizard Log Falls, pictured below.

Lizard Log Falls
Behind Lizard Log Falls

But upon viewing and hearing Schoolhouse Falls

A cozy view

I was moved to write this:

The Roar of Abundance
How do you know when you have it?
When you experience it?
Feel it?  Taste it?
Does it come after a struggle?
Or does it just flow?
Or is it me who fails to accept the flow, and has to struggle?
The sweat, the anger, the cursing
Seem to be par for my course.

I want to dance with joy always,
But I get in the way of myself.
Self preservation and fear rule for a moment….
And that moment is gone.
Forever impressed on those I love, including myself.
And once again I have to redirect
With the intention of accepting the adventure of life.

The roar of abundance….
It can be deafening, overpowering.
Will I crouch away and cover my ears?
Or will I accept it head on?
Will I be misled in defining abundance?
Oh Great Spirit of God,
Keep me grounded
Awake and
Unblinded to all my life has to offer.



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