Throwback Thursday – Boxley Valley Elk

Kurt and I have been reminiscing about the Boxley Valley Elk, and our trip to see them one chilly afternoon a few years ago.


They were gathered in an open field with no fencing.  That being the case, we were able to cautiously approach them in order get a closer look.


I’m not sure the bulls enjoyed our company.  I think they were trying to tell us to get lost…

…or else!  Or perhaps they were just having a bad hair day!


It is interesting to note that folks from all over are wiling to take a detour to Boxley Valley to view these regal beasts.  In fact, as Kurt was taking these pics, I met a couple from St. Louis.  They were road tripping with their middle school aged grandson, giving him the opportunity to discover some of the unique beauty of Arkansas.

There were a number of elk sightings that afternoon, including two in an enclosed garden area right by a house.  As we continued on, just out of the corner of my eye, I spotted white. “Stop!”  I commanded.  I’m so glad he did.


Two beautiful swans were floating the day away in a pond not too far from the elk.  The setting sun reflected against the clear water, creating a very peaceful scene.  It was a fantastic ending to a wonderful Sunday drive!


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