Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful, so thankful
For small gifts that come my way
Encouraging me to live
In the moment, in today.

Like a radiant smile
Or words of affirmation
A great story imparting wisdom
An uplifting conversation.


I’m thankful, so thankful
For abundant beauty, inside and out
Reveling in its many forms
Is what life is all about.

A kindhearted neighbor
Who always lends a hand
A charitable friend
Who seeks to understand.

Sunrises and sunsets
That are easy on the eye
Flowers, trees and mountains
That seem to touch the sky.


I’m thankful, so thankful
For divine love and direction
Bestowed on me each day
In spite of my imperfections

Guiding me on a journey
To many amazing destinations
The rewards of which are surely
Beyond my wildest expectations.


An endless yet positive cycle
Affecting me and my attitude
Filling my soul with joy and awe
Filling my heart with gratitude.




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