Throwback Thursday – Crystal Mill

It is known as one of the most photographed places in Colorado.


The day we were there, we were joined by several other curious onlookers, a handful of construction workers intent on maintaining the integrity of this 1892 powerhouse, and a grey hoodie.


Apparently, one of the workers arrived early that chilly morning donned in a soft jacket, and, after laboring for several hours, decided to shed this layer, hanging it neatly under the walkway.

One fellow photographer was a bit perturbed about the situation.  He had indeed traveled many miles, anticipating the perfect scene, and thus, “The Perfect Shot”.  He waved his hands and tried to yell at the workers; gestures that were muffled by a preoccupation to get the job done and the roar of the water.

Grey hoodies don’t belong in “The Perfect Shot”.

Or do they?

Perhaps it’s when we accept the idea of perfection as the incorporation of excellence and the messiness of life, that we are truly able to visualize and capture “The Perfect Shot.”



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