Throwback Thursday – Morning Glory at Maroon Bells

We got up well before Dawn’s Early Light even considered unraveling itself from that wonderful deep slumber that comes when the crisp mountain air couples with the hum of native nocturnals getting about the business of life.

Yes, it was that early.

We were certainly not the first ones there.  A large crowd of cars began to fill the parking lot to the brim, so much so, that the “Powers That Be” felt it necessary to hire a brave soul to maximize the space allocated for such an event as this.

The Sunrise of September 19th, 2016.

Never before had the world seen such a site, and never again will folks be graced with the opportunity to behold this blessed event.

I have to admit that I was faint-hearted about the whole idea.  The temperature was near freezing, and no amount of layers would prevent my body from feeling the nasty repercussions – the trembling,  the shaking, and the shivering – that comes from direct exposure to the bitter elements.

So I made a deal.

While Kurt got out, jockeyed for position, set, reset and adjusted necessary equipment, and perhaps even, swapped a few stories with fellow photographers, I would remain in the car, preparing myself for the day ahead with a bit of quiet reflection, and perhaps a prayer or two.

After getting my kumbaya on, I was ready.

And Dawn’s Early Light was ready for me.



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