Bunker Hill Monument

There is that old saying, “The third time is the charm.”   For us, that is definitely a true statement, when it comes to the Bunker Hill Monument!  On two other visits, we enthusiastically followed the Freedom Trail, trekking from downtown, across the Charleston River Bridge,


past lovely green space and some gorgeous old brownstones, until finally it came into view!


Unfortunately, on those visits, the temperatures were hovering around the 90 degree mark, creating possibly dangerous conditions inside of the 221 foot obelisk; therefore, we had to settle for external admiration only.  To say that I was bummed was an understatement.


On our third attempt, in spite of the fact that it was late August 2018, a cold front had taken over Beantown, allowing us to enjoy mid-70 degree weather, optimal climbing conditions!

Constructed from 1825-1842,  the Bunker Hill Monument memorializes the first pitched battle between  New England soldiers and the British Army.  Actually located on what is known as Breed’s Hill, where most of the battle took place, it is made entirely of granite retrieved from nearby Quincy, Massachusetts.

The 294 step climb was pretty slow going, due to the fact that many decided to visit that day.   The higher the ascent, the hotter it seemed to get; there was very little ventilation.  I finally understood why the National Park Service has such strict temperature regulations.  I was covered in sweat!

We were relieved to see the windows at the apex!  Even though it was very crowded, everyone seemed very patient and mannerly as we each took turns enjoying the refreshing breeze and the fabulous view!





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