Flashback Friday – Wings of Honor Museum

The western half of Arkansas, boasting both natural beauty of the Ozarks and Ouachitas and interesting cities and towns, can sometimes overshadow some very appealing places in the east.  In fact, in order to complete our Arkansas Bucket List, we will have to head that way on several occasions, which is exactly what we did on one Saturday last fall; our destination was Walnut Ridge.

The wonderful thing about setting out on a Bucket List Adventure is the inevitability of discovering even more points of interest!  This is exactly what happened as we rolled into town, and a shiny metal building with a sign that read something like “World War II Museum” captured our attention.

Kurt, somewhat of an enthusiast when it comes to World Wars I and II, wasted no time in pulling up to the empty parking lot and heading for the door.  What we discovered inside was truly remarkable!


Established in 1999 in order to preserve the history of the role that this small town played in the war effort, including the  Walnut Ridge Army Air Forces Basic Flying School, the Marine Corps Air Facility at Walnut Ridge, the War Assets Administration’s Warbird Storage, the Sales and Scrapping Facility, and the USAF 725th Radar Squadron, the Wings of Honor Museum does an incredible job of relaying the account of what happened during those tumultuous years both here …..


…..and abroad.


The building was much bigger than it appeared from the outside.  In fact, we spent nearly an hour perusing the numerous exhibits, each of them meticulously displayed with the intention of honoring those who had served and sacrificed.


The museum was laid out in a visitor friendly manner; the historical accounts were very well written and easy to understand.


Upon leaving, we both agreed that this was one of the best war museums that we had ever visited!   This historical gem in eastern Arkansas is one that Walnut Ridge residents can truly be proud of!

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