Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House Trail

I am a planner, no, to be quite honest, when it comes to traveling, I am an over-planner, always having in my arsenal multiple alternatives when Plan A goes awry.

As noted previously, we found ourselves at Lake Louise due to a lack of parking at Lake Moraine.    “No problem,” I thought, “we can hike to the Lake Agnes Tea House.”  It was recommended on several websites, a delightful novelty for us.

Upon reaching the fork in the trail that would lead to Lake Agnes, we found a barricade had been set up to block hikers from proceeding on the trail.  There was little explanation, except for a picture of a bear.

I guess that’s fairly self explanatory.

Fortunately, I had Plan C:  Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House Trail.

A 9.5 mile hike, the trail begins at Lake Louise, then leads uphill.  After trekking a bit through the forest, we found ourselves on a gravel path surrounded by the majestic Canadian Rockies.


Several portions of the trail were covered with snow.


We were constantly gifted with phenomenal views!


The final trek to the Tea House was a fairly steep series of switchbacks, but what awaits on top is so warm and welcoming!  As was the tea!


Plan C was deemed a success!


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