Lessons in Romance

Some Arkansas husbands are Razorback Football fanatics, donned in cardinal and white, able to withstand the fickle fall climate which can vary from sultry heat to arctic chill, relishing in the chance to do nothing more than call the Hogs as a twenty something running back takes the old pigskin past the goal line.

Some Arkansas husbands are avid hunters, checking off the days until deer season (or turkey, or duck, etc..) like a kid with an Advent Calendar, and, on that first day, waking up well before the crack of dawn giddy with delight, forever hopeful that this will be the year that he gets a buck for the ages.

Actually, when it comes to having fun, there are infinite options available in the Natural State.

One unique example is British car excursions.

Yes, my Arkansas husband is into British cars.

And within days of moving to Conway, he decided it would be a fabulous idea to become bonified members of the British Motoring Club of Arkansas (BMCA). In a nutshell, the BMCA is a group of British car enthusiasts who gather at least monthly to share information (and spare parts at times) and to collectively brave the highways and byways of Arkansas in roadsters whose humble beginnings primarily date back to somewhere near the mid 20th century. Eager volunteers meticulously plan these daytrips which have proven to be both educational and enjoyable.

In February; however, love was in the air.

And when love is in the air, there is no better place to go than to Romance, Arkansas. Specifically, the Romance, Arkansas Post Office.

Of course, one can mail his/her beloved an ornate token of affection and devotion from any of the 179 post offices in the Natural State, but wouldn’t the potential for a positive outcome increase exponentially with little more than a postmark from Romance?

That’s what Kurt and I thought.

As an added bonus, we decided to create our Valentines; obviously our artistic and literary skills towered over the cliché fluff produced in the Hallmark factory. So the day before the trip, my feelings overflowed onto a blank sheet of computer paper, prose that would make Jane Austen proud. Kurt tapped into skills acquired in the third grade.

I dare say Charles Schulz was indeed smiling from his heavenly perch!

With devilish smiles, we addressed and stamped our letter sized envelopes, visions of tiny cupids dancing in our dreams that night!

The temperature was downright frigid on the day of the event; however, quite a large crowd began to gather at the departure point. BMCA members don’t let a little thing like less than perfect weather conditions get in the way of a road trip!

The British convoy commenced around 10:00 a.m; our Austin Healey Bug Eyed Sprite, all warm and toasty, happily buzzed along, a myriad of frosty trees greeting us along the way. In less than an hour, we arrived at the Romance Post Office.

Being that it was a Sunday, I was surprised to see some of our fellow members ambling in and out of the building. Kurt followed suit, cards in hand. Since it was cold, and the threat of Covid was hovering over us like a wet blanket, we exchanged niceties at a distance, snapped a few pics and headed home.

A few days later, our letters arrived.

“Little Rock?”

The envelopes were postmarked Little Rock. Apparently, the envelopes have to look like valentines in order to merit a stamp from Romance.

Maybe Romance and Hallmark are in cahoots.

Lesson learned!

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